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Dundee Wanderers Hockey Club is the biggest hockey club in Dundee.  We currently have 5 Men's Outdoor teams and 6 Indoor teams and 2 Ladies Indoor and Outdoor Teams. 

Club History

The Dundee Wanderers Hockey Club was founded as a men’s club in 1934.  The Dundee based players that were part of the Newport Hockey Club were forced to go elsewhere for their hockey when the club decided to focus its attention on local players.  This led to the players recruiting their own; soon Dundee Wanderers Hockey Club was formed, becoming the first hockey club in the city to be unconnected to a school or college.  The name “Wanderers” is said to have originated from the accusation “You’re just a bunch of wanderers” as in the beginning the club had nowhere to call home.  This problem seemed to continue in the pre-war years where the club changed home pitch almost on a yearly basis. 

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DWHC Presidents 1934-2010

Hockey History

A little about men's outdoor history first…

National League History

The first season of Outdoor National League competition was introduced by the Scottish Hockey Association in 1973/4, here 22 teams played, where results were recorded to compile a “merit table”, as more teams entered there were 3 pools devised, results from this were then used to populate Divisions 1 to 6 in the Inaugural National League Competition of 1976/7.  

In 1980 Dundee Wanderers gained an influx of players from St Saviours FP when they disbanded after only 6 years.  This no doubt had a massive impact of the strength of Dundee Wanderers as the latter only narrowly missed out of promotion from the 3rd Division in season 1979/80.  The following year (season 1980/1) Wanderers were promoted to National Division 1, a status that has remained ever since.  After many years of remaining in the top League Dundee Wanderers sat mid table, until 1988, when they finished runners up to Edinburgh Civil Service, just 2 points adrift.  In 1991/2, again second place was the best finish, 2 points behind Kelburne of Paisley.  However the following year saw the Club become the 2nd team in the district to receive the honour of Scottish League Champions (season 1992/3), this was almost regained in the season of 1999/2000 when we missed out on goal difference to Western.

Since the North Regional League began Wanderers have been a force to be reckoned with, winning this league in season 1997/8, 2002/3 and 2006/7. 

The Scottish Cup

The first year of Scottish Cup competition was held in the season of 1962/3.  The first success in this competition for Dundee Wanderers came in the season of 1972/3, where we met Inverleith, in the final.  After extra time the score was level at 0.0, with Wanderers victorious after penalty stokes.  This meant that Wanderers were to progress to British Playoffs with the winners progressing to European Competition in Holland.  Unfortunately we missed out to Hounslow on goal average margins.  In 1977/8, semi-finalists were the best that could be achieved, losing out to Edinburgh Civil Service.  A second final was reached in 1985/6, but after extra time, Wanderers were beaten by Western.  In 1987/8, again a Scottish Cup win was sought and again second place was all that could be gained, losing 2.0 to Edinburgh Civil Service in the final.  However in 1989/90, the Scottish Cup returned to Dundee Wanderers once again, beating Edinburgh Civil Service 1.0 in the final at Peffermill, Edinburgh (goal celebration pictured in Banner on Home page).  Further Scottish Cup Finals of 1991/2, 1995/6, 1998/9 and 2000/1 saw defeats in all finals…when will we lift the Cup again?

The District Cup

The District Cup was introduced in 1975 to second teams of National League Clubs.  In 1989 Dundee Wanderers made their first appearance in the District Cup final, losing out to Gordonians.  However the following year, season 1989/90, they matched the success of the 1stteam and brought home The District Cup, becoming the first Dundee Team to bring the Cup to the City. This was followed by victory in 1997/8, when the all midland final between Wanderers and Menzieshill saw the Cup return to Wanderers.  Again in 2001/2 Wanderers were victorious and in 2002/3 Wanderers became the only Midland team to successfully defend a National League Trophy.

The Reserve Cup

The Reserve Cup was introduced for third (or lower) teams of National League Clubs and reserve teams of District League Clubs.  In 1981 Dundee Wanderers 3rd team became the first and only Midland team to win this Cup.  Finals were reached in 1996, 1998 and 2005, but no silverware was returned to Dundee.

Men’s Indoor History

National Indoor League

DWHC participated in the first ever National Indoor League of 1984/5 and barring 1 season in Division 2 (1988/9) have remained in the top flight.  In 1996/7 DWHC decided to put some extra effort into the indoor game, thanks to a determined bunch of players and the committee agreeing to provide more training time for the team.  The focus on indoor paid off with the team steadily progressing over the next 3 seasons 3rd, to 2nd and in 1998/9 DWHC received their first National League Division 1 title.  This was retained the following year season 1999/2000, and again in 2001/2 and 2002/3.  Wanderers have progressed up the indoor rankings and even now consistently sit in the top 4 in the country.   

Midlands Indoor

The first Midlands indoor League in 1973/4 was closely contested, Wanderers losing out on the title by goal difference.  Victory was achieved the following season and again in 1977/8, 1983/4, 1990/1, 1993/4, 1994/5, 1996/7 to 2008/9, 2000/1 to 2003/4.

Midland League success has not only been restricted to the 1st team, in 1977/8 Wanderers entered a 2nd team into Midlands Division 2, in 1979/80 the team gained promotion to Division 1 and remained there until 1985/6, returned in 1991/2 and have remained there ever since.

In 1982/3 DWHC entered a 3rd team in Midland Division 2, the same season saw this team gain promotion to the top Division, this meant that all 3 Wanderers teams were competing in the same league.  In 1985/6 Wanderers 3rd team returned to Division 2 and a 4th team entered into Division 3, that same year the 2nd team were relegated to Division 2.  In 1986/7 the 3rd team won Division 2, gaining promotion to Division 1.  In 1990/1 Dundee Wanderers won both Division 1 and Division 2, but the 3rd team were relegated to Division 2.  1991/2 saw the 4th team return to Division 3 and the following year gain promotion to Division 2.  This same season Wanderers 5th team entered Division 4, winning this league and gaining promotion to Division 3.  The following year a 6th team entered Division 4, also winning the league and gaining promotion to Division 3.  In 1995/6 Wanderers 7th team entered the league in division 3.  To this day we still have 7 teams competing in the Midlands Leagues.

Other notable wins include 1996/7, Wanderers 4th team win Division 2, 1997/8 Wanderers 3rd team win division 2, with the 4ths coming second, the same result occurred the following year, with the 5th team winning Division 2 in 1999/2000 (4th were 2nd again!), this season also saw the 7th team win division 3.  In 2000/1 the 4th team take the Division 2 title, with the 3rd team taking the runners up position, and the 5th team taking the Division 3 title.  2001/2 to 2004/5 Wanderers 3rd team win Division 2.  Division 3 title winners were Wanderers 5th team in 2002/3, again in 2004/5 and 2005/6.

Now for The Ladies Outdoor history (a little bit shorter)

In 1996, Dundee Wanderers introduced a ladies section into the club (I am currently looking for more information on how this happened...if you can assist please contact Vikki on vikkibunceno3@hotmail.com)  

Midlands League

(Midlands history still to be added)

This season Dundee Wanderers 2nd team will enter the National Reserve League, this will allow our young aspiring players to gain greater hockey experiences against some of the bigger clubs across Scotland.  After achieving a number of successes at district level the committee and players feel that this is a good step to take, so good luck to Jenny and the girls!

Due to the movement of our 2nd team from the Midlands League, the club feels that it is important to continue to provide competitive, recreational hockey for those that do not wish to travel across Scotland and for those that are not yet old enough to compete in National League competition.  Because of this we are introducing a 3rd team to the women’s section; they will be competing in Midlands Division 1.    

National Outdoor League

The Woman’s 1st Team started in 1996, in 2000 DWHC took the leap to enter into the Ladies National League competition for the first time in the clubs history.  This proved to be a very successful move winning the National League Division 4 title in the first year of asking and gaining promotion to National League Division 3.  It took only 3 seasons to win this league and gain promotion to National League Division 2 (season 2003/4), where 3 seasons on National League Division 1 Status was achieved.  Since competing in the elite league, Dundee Wanderers Ladies have grown from strength to strength, improving with each season; 2007/8, 7th place finish, 2008/9, 4th place finish and 2009/10, 3rd place finish – what can be achieved this coming season?

Scottish Cup

In 2001/2 Dundee Wanderers Ladies entered their first Scottish Cup competition, it has taken the Ladies team until season 2009/10 to reach a semi-final, unfortunately losing out to Western Ladies 3.1 at Peffermill, Edinburgh.

Women's National League Indoor

On the Indoor front the women have excelled over a very short period of time.  In 2001/2 the ladies entered National League Division 2, gaining promotion to National League Division 1 in 2004/5.  Now 5 seasons on Dundee Wanderers have progressed to National League Division 1 Champions and can look forward to European “B” Competition in Abbeville, France in February 2011…Good luck to the Girls!

Midlands Indoor League

(still to be added)

European Success

The Men’s 1st Team has won every major National and District League and Cup Outdoor and Indoor competition available in past years and has also taken the Club into European competition eight times in total.  The first time the club tasted Outdoor European competition was in 1991 at the European Cup Winners Cup, in Terrassa, Spain finishing in 8th place.  Two years later we returned to the same competition this time held in Birmingham, England finishing in 8th place.  The following year DWHC competed in the Club Champions Trophy in Cernusco, Milan, this time finishing in 6th place.  The next European competition came in 2000 at the Cup Winners Cup in Brest, Belarus finishing joint 5th.  The first taste of Indoor European competition came in 2000, Durkheim, Germany at the European Club Championship A Division, finishing 7th.  The following year saw the most successful Indoor campaign for Wanderers at the European Indoor Championships, ‘B’ Division in Rotterdam, Holland, here the team won the Gold and promotion to the A division competition.   In this tournament Niall Stott, who went on to represent Great Britiain in the Athens Olympics 2004 recieved "Player of the Tournament" after scoring all 3 goals in the final (final score 3.2).  In 2003 the team travelled to Copenhagan, Denmark to compete in the B Division, this time finishing in 6th place.  The last time that the club competed in European competition was in 2004, Rome, Italy, again in the B Division, this time took the Bronze medal.   

Dundee Wanderers Hockey Club – How we look now

Since 1934, the club has steadily grow in size, with the major additions to the Club after the disbandment of St Saviours FP and the introduction of a ladies section in 1996, the club can bow boast six men’s and three women’s Outdoor teams and seven men’s and three women’s Indoor teams competing at District, Regional and National League levels.  In addition to this the club provides competitive hockey for u10, u12, u14, u16, u18, where there have been a number of notable successes over the years in both indoor and outdoor hockey (see Club Honours for more details) and of course competition for the “older” members of the club in the form of a men’s Veteran’s team.

Season 2015/2016 Competitions for DWHC

Men’s 1st Team

Outdoor          NL Div.1, Scottish Cup

Indoor             NL Div. 1, Knock-Out Cup, Midlands Div. 1

Women’s 1st Team

Outdoor          NL Div. 1, Scottish Cup

Indoor             NL Div. 1 and Knock-Out Cup, Midlands League Div. 1

Men’s 2nd Team

Outdoor          Midlands Div. 1, District Cup

Indoor             NL Div. 2, Midlands League Div. 1

Women’s 2nd Team

Outdoor          Midlands Div. 1

Indoor             N RL North and Midlands, Midlands League Div. 1

Men’s 3rd Team

Outdoor          Midlands Div.1, Reserve Cup

Indoor             NL Div. 5, Midlands Div. 2

Women’s 3rd Team

Indoor             Midlands Div. 1

Men’s 4th Team

Outdoor          Midlands Div. 1, Reserve Cup

Indoor             Midlands Div. 2

Men’s 5th Team

Outdoor          Midlands Div. 2

Indoor             Midlands Div. 3

Men’s 6th Team (indoor only)

Indoor             Midlands Div. 3

Men’s 7th Team (indoor only)

Indoor              Midlands Div. 3

Youth Section Information

Boys and girls from 4 years of age join in specially devised coaching sessions each Tuesday evening at the Dundee International Sports Complex (5.30pm until 7pm).  There are also performance squad sessions held throughout the year, where selected youth are invited to attend more demanding sessions where their skills, tactical awareness and physicality are tested further. 

A number of our youth players also play within the senior section of the club.  In order to be able to compete in any Midlands Leagues you must be 14 years of age.  This issue can be overcome if the club feels that you are physically able to compete in such a league before this age and we have written parental consent.  You must be 14 years of age or older to compete in National League competition.

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